Sample Downloads

Apple iPad
A view of your ipad (PDF download)
SharePoint Quick Reference
View team site layout and fundamentals(PDF download)
SharePoint eLearning for iPad/iPhone
View how your employees can learn with their iPad (iPad/iPhone only)
SharePoint eLearning for Desktop/Android/Tablets
View how your employees can be trained
For all your eLearning needs

Your Needs

We focus on your software needs!

Once we train you and your employees, In-Reflection continues to monitor software upgrades to help you to work smarter, not harder!

With our learning tools, we can convert your eLearning materials to be viewed on iPads by converting from flash to HTML5 output.

To view, click on one of our eLearning download on the right.

All of our training output can be published to SCORM- and AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems.

Special Projects

We are here to help!

Let us be your first contact; from beta testing to training.

In The Web?

In-Reflection can train or help you to design your website and/or Facebook website from scratch or available template formats. Also, we can convert your Flash site to a iPad/Mobile-friendly site.

In these competitive times, everyone what to highlight their goods and services in the best possible way on the internet. We work with you to get your site designed and functioning!